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Monday, 24 January 2011

Movies I love: Minnelli's Designing Debutante

"Watch out for the ravioli, Greg"!

I have written here previously [as per labels below] on those terrific '50s treats like Cukor's LES GIRLS, or Minnelli's DESIGNING WOMAN, THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE and the like. We did not have television when I was growing up in Ireland in the '50s (it did not arrive until the early '60s) so from 1957 onwards (when I was 11) we just had the cinema for our doses of glamorous people wearing great clothes and doing exciting glamorous things ....
here are some nice new images of Greg and Lauren and Dolores (just before she tips the ravioli into his lap) in that swellegant '57 treat DESIGNING WOMAN, and Rex and Kay (those Balmain gowns!) and Angela in '58 THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE (Angela was also great that year in THE LONG HOT SUMMER with Orson, Paul & Joanne, Lee Remick & Tony Francoisa) - and Kirk and Cyd in 1962's TWO WEEKS IN ANOTHER TOWN.


  1. Gorgeous shots - Minnelli was certainly a visual stylist of the first magnitude, and that goes for the beautiful people he cast as well!

  2. Indeed - I love now the interiors of his movies - the yellow and red rooms in THE BANDWAGON, Rex and Kay's apartment and furnishings in DEBUTANTE - all those splashes of yellow and red etc. He was certainly at his peak in '58: GIGI, DEBUTANTE and SOME CAME RUNNING !