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Saturday, 4 December 2010


Today we are just focusing on 2 of Loren's many movies: first, HELLER IN PINK TIGHTS that curious Cukor comedy western from 1959, with its stunning use of colour [step forward usual Cukor collaborator, colour consultant Hoyningen Heune] and its amusing blend of cowboys, indians and travelling players [hellers] out west, with their production of "Mazeppa", usually one step ahead of their creditors. Quinn and Sophia are teamed for the third time [after ATTILA and THE BLACK ORCHID] and the cast also features silent star Ramon Novarro and the grown-up Margaret O'Brien, Eileen Heckart is amusing as usual, and Sophia is curiously blonde .. not sure if it suits her. And the best of her De Sica collaborations: the 1965 MARRIAGE ITALIAN STYLE a splendid version of that great play "Filumena" with its multi-layered story of how a bitter Loren tricks long time lover Mastroianni into finally marrying her, by revealing that one of her 3 sons is his. It amusingly shows their courtship during the war and how she runs his business but longs for the respectability of marriage.

Bonus - 3 more De Sica's: Loren and Belmondo in TWO WOMEN / that amusing Naples section in YESTERDAY TODAY AND TOMORROW, '64 / the Raffle episode from BOCCACCIO 70 in '62/ Several other posts on Sophia at label.


  1. Monica and Claudia are both extraordinary and should be celebrated (personally, never cared much for Gina), but Sophia...what a woman! I think if she had been around in ancient times, she would have been hailed as a Goddess. Her beauty in her prime was jaw-dropping, and she could act too! My favorites (that I've seen) are "Houseboat", "Arabesque", "Two Women" and "Marriage-Italian Style". Really need to see "A Special Day", "The Gold of Naples" and many others.

  2. I so agree - and I like Gina too ! The Gold of Naples does not seem to be available here in the UK, but even as 12 year old I loved Boy On A Dolphin, Legend of the Lost, Houseboat, It Started in Naples, The Millionairess, El Cid. etc. I featured Arabesque last week.

    Its been fun catching up with items like That Kind of Woman, 5 Miles to Midnight etc. and those early Italian ones like Too Bad She's Bad and Woman of the River. Its an amazing career with so many highlights - people made so many movies back then! When she appeared in London to sign her book back in 1979 Selfridges store was packed with people and it was great seeing her up close. She still looks amazing now ... as per latest post !