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Thursday, 8 December 2016

RIP, continued ...

Two more titans of British television depart, and another music legend and one of our most esteemed journalists/critics, as this busy year runs away .....

Andrew Sachs (1930-2016) aged 86. The nation mourned at the passing of Manuel, the dim waiter "from Barcelona", at the centre of FAWLTY TOWERS tv series, a classic of British television, endlessly repeated and loved (there were only 12 episodes). Sachs' perfect creation was the equal of John Cleese's Basil, particuarly in episodes like "Basil the Rat". His many other roles included QUARTET, and a lot of television series including CORONATION STREET, HOLBY CITY, EASTENDERS, etc. 

Peter Vaughan (1923-2016) aged 93. One of the most recognisable character actors who kept busy into his 90s with his role in GAME OF THRONES. Also notable for OUR FRIENDS IN THE NORTH, PORRIDGE, and a slew of film and television roles - and stage too: he originated the role of Ed in Orton's ENTERTAINING MR SLOANE in 1964. His air of menace was just right for so many productions and kept him busy. Films included STRAW DOGS, THE REMAINS OF THE DAY, BRAZIL,  
His first wife was the marvellous Billie Whitelaw, another favourite of ours. 

Greg Lake (1947-2016), aged 69 - another major musician from my misspent youth: Greg Lake, bassist and founding member of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, one of the great progressive rock bands of the late 60s and 70s. Lake has died at 69, just 9 months after the passing of Emerson .....  ELP were very popular then (I had their album "Pictures At An Exhibition"), and he co-wrote (with King Crimson's Peter Sinfield) that Christmas anthem we will be hearing this season: "I Believe in Father Christmas".

AA Gill (1954-2016), aged 62. AA (Adrian) advised us only 3 weeks ago that he had cancer, and now it has taken him 3 weeks later. We have always liked his witty, trenchant TV reviews for "The Sunday Times" where he was also restaurant critic, with all those witty, erudite reviews in that dazzling prose. He was also the scourge of the television producers ("Tristams") and wrote moving reports from world crisis spots,like Syria or Darfur. AA will be much missed, The "Sunday Times" editor said he was the soul of the paper. He was also author of several books, including one on The Ivy restaurant. Today's paper features his last writing on his cancer diagnosis and treatment. We should all be so strong facing life's challenges, 
"AA Gill is away" indeed.

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  1. Nice obits; not pithy like mine though you would probably say not bitchy like mine. Nice nevertheless.