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Saturday, 23 July 2016


Rave reviews for The Pets at The Royal Opera House, we did not get tickets in time though for their 4-night season - but at least they are doing a Tour next year, so may catch it then. We had already of course seen their great residency at The Savoy in 1997 - was that 19 years ago? scary .... and their 1999 tour (with that Zaha Hadid set) in Brighton; and their 2006 concert at The Tower Of London, plus a few of their Pride appearances.

After 30 years (42 Top 30 singles since 1985) the Boys are still going strong, still doing great concerts (check the dvds for ther O2 and Glastonbury sets), the recent albums have been great again, they were in the 2012 London Olympics parade,  plus their musical CLOSER TO HEAVEN, their soundtrack for BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN, their ballet and those inventive videos and singles with all those great remixes. THE POP KIDS are still SUPER. POP ART  indeed. 
As James Hall said in "The Telegraph": The show encompasses high culture, club culture, theatre, cinema, political satire and a mind-bending laser show. Oh, and dozens of dancers in fluorescent inflatable sumo suits throwing shapes as though their lives depended on it ... This is no Greatest Hits set, a third of the 23-song set is taken from this year's SUPER and 2013's ELECTRIC, both produced by Madonna producer Stuart Price and both up-tempo celebrations of dance culture ... The setting is extraordindary, from the stalls one could look up to see five tiers of people dancing among the lasers and the gilded balconies, the Opera House recast as a temple to hedonism. Below, the orchestra pit became a rave cave. Call it incongruous, call it bonkers, call it wonderfully eccentric - this show is all of these." 2017 here we come !  

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  1. I like them and I know they put on a spectacular show and yet I have no real interest in seeing them live. Now I prefer my acts intimate and in intimate locations.