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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Hipster boy is now 70 ...

We amused  ourselves yesterday by going through our photo albums, contrasting the changes as the decades went by from the 1960s to now. One had to be slim and 21 in 1967 to get away with these low hipster jeans, and it was the dawn of the hippie era - yes those are beads and a bell around my neck ! 

I remember this moment vividly, waiting for a bus in Clapham in 1969 with flat-mates Stan and Joe, we were going up to Kings Road in Chelsea on a Saturday afternoon, to mingle with the other beautiful people - that would be the 137 bus then ...  (we photographed each other a lot in the Golden Age, with real cameras, before digital and cellphones - all photo negatives had to be taken to the chemist to be developed ...).
Below: Posing in a caftan in front of an OZ magazine hippie poster .... very 1967! A year later we were dropping acid at The Roundhouse watching The Doors and Jefferson Airplane, as well as seeing Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger ("This Wheel's on Fire") at Middle Earth club and supergroups like The Who, Traffic, The Band (at The Albert Hall), plus Aretha and my first Joni Mitchell concert ...




This Pride event was 1999 - I am wearing the official Total Eclipse tee-shirt (which we were stunned by watching it, with special glasses, from the office rooftop in London's Regent Street). I loved those shorts which I wore a lot (and still have those Caterpillar boots) until I got those Schotts navy blue combats which became my pants of choice for clubbing nights - with a terrific blue Ralph Lauren shirt which I literally wore out. 

So what a contrast from that 9 year old with his dog in 1955 Ireland, and doing the Beatle look a decade later in 1964,  to late last year, getting over cancer treatment .... and where does 50 year go ?
So, 70 and feeling better - a new chapter starting too, as moving at the end of this month to a brand new apartment complex, 10 floors up - great views, especially at night - and it gives one the opportunity to re-invent oneself and one's surroundings for a couple of years before we move back to the 'wild altantic way' in Ireland.. Here we go again ...
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  1. I love your blog with your reviews and pictures from all those classic films! It's always so interesting to read. W