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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Vanity Fair 2016 Hollywood

But first. another look at that 2001 cover for their first music issue.  Interesting seeing David Bowie and Joni Mitchell side by side here - flanked by Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Emmylou Harris etc. (Joni it seems is now doing well, according to Chaka Khan who is doing a tribute album on her). 
The 2016 Hollywood issue is not quite as good as their previous, but has a few good features, including one on those Sixties British movies like BLOW-UP, THE KNACK, ALFIE, A HARD DAY'S NIGHT - nothing new, but nice to see them featured, and also a history of THE MALTESE FALCON. The layout, again by Annie Leibovitz, features a collection of Hollywood ladies - including this year's Oscar nominees, box-ended by Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton - who seems to have been photoshopped in at the end - I'm afraid Diane hasn't been in anything relevant for years .... again one wonders if all 13 ladies were there at the same time, maybe 3 or 4 at a time perhaps as part of a composite whole ?
Nothing though tops their 2001 issue, where Sophia Loren, Catherine Deneuve, Meryl and Vanessa were the highlights surrounded by those newer girls: Blanchett (who gets to be a lot of covers), Winslet, Paltrow (ditto), Kidman, Cruz .....

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