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Friday, 4 December 2015

ANOTHER Marilyn book ...

Its arrived - MARILYN IN THE FLASH - the ultimate Marilyn picture book, a nice hefty tome too, Lets read the blurb:

Marilyn Monroe had a unique relationship with the press—the photographers, journalists, and columnists who followed her every move, helped carefully craft her public image, and made her one of the greatest stars in Hollywood history.
Photographically, Marilyn was at her most electrifying at public events. She was as spectacular in the posed candids of press photographers as in studio portraits or on the movie screen. She made any news photo a work of art simply by being in it, and more than any other star lived up to the promise of her screen image.
One of the most publicized actresses of her time, Marilyn actively sought out the press—which included the famous journalists and columnists Walter Winchell, Edward R. Murrow, Hedda Hopper, Louella Parsons, Earl Wilson, Pete Martin, Sidney Skolsky, Elsa Maxwell, and Dorothy Kilgallen. It was a mutually beneficial relationship that lasted her entire career.
In Marilyn: In The Flash, acclaimed photographic preservationist David Wills brings together an unprecedented trove highlighting the work of some of the great press photographers and photojournalists of the twentieth century. This stunning collection includes many unpublished images (most beautifully restored from original prints, negatives, or transparencies), vintage magazine articles, original press clippings and press photo captions, behind-the-scenes notes, and photographic ephemera chronicling the media's lifelong love affair with Marilyn.
Featuring a foreword by Marilyn's friend and costar Robert J. Wagner, original interviews and recollections, retrospective quotes from key journalists, columnists, press agents, photographers, and others, this portfolio of images offers a fresh, indelible portrait of one of the most enduring icons in history and illuminates the special alliance she shared with the press as never before.

Lots of familiar stuff here, but some fascinating photos I had not seen before as well: MM with Judy Garland, MM with Maria Callas, MM with Isak Dinesen, MM with Dame Edith Sitwell etc. and, surprisingly, with Spanish director Luis Bunuel - she visited the set of his EXTERMINATING ANGEL during her visit to Mexico City in March '62.- lots of these have not been seen for decades. Theres also those photos with Rock, Ella, Marlene (not the one with Gina) and the one time she and Liz Taylor were snapped together, at that 1961 Sinatra concert ... 
Not a great analysis of the Monroe myth or career - there's plenty other tomes on those, but oodles of fabulous photographs.There are other good Marilyn picture books too. I still go for the 1962 George Barris photographs though, and the Eve Arnold and Bob Willoughby ones, who knew her well. The myth goes on - a perfect birthday present to myself. 
Lots more MM at labels .....

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  1. I think this is one I will have to pick up in a shop and have a browse through before forking out my hard-earned pension on it! I do love a Marilyn book and have a few already but at today's prices ... oy vay!!