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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Vanity, all is vanity

The annual Hollywood issue of "Vanity Fair" is out and is a real treat this year. I did not care for last year's at all and it was soon in the trashcan - I have kept a lot of them them though, some issues have been terrific with stunning photographs and features. The last good one really was the 2012 one which had a heavy European bias with features on Antonioni and Fellini, Loren and Bardot. 
The new 2015 one (with the usual Annie Leibovitz cover) is all about those British who are invading Hollywood, with a great portfolio of photos, I particularly liked Judi Dench in regal splendour at The Ritz, and Terence Stamp and Jeremy Irons both in tie and tails in a burger cafe. 
Joni Mitchell and all the gang are interviewed about life in Laurel Canyon in the 1970s; and another Top 100 List: The Top 100 New York Movies, with all the usual suspects: TAXI DRIVER, KLUTE, BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S etc, though surely that quintessential Broadway story ALL ABOUT EVE was shot in Hollywood - there is probably just one external shot outside a theatre in it. The 100 covers New York decade by decade, including those scuzzy 1970s. There is also a spiffing article by George Hamilton on the history of the tuxedo with some spiffy photos; 
THE SOUND OF MUSIC fanatics are in for a treat too ...

So, lots to enjoy here, well done V.F.coming along as this Awards Weekend gets underway - BAFTAs tomorrow, plus the Grammy Awards - lots of British nominations there too: Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, and Hozier (who is Irish) who is going to duet with Annie Lennox - bring them on.
Results all very predictable, as far as Baftas - more fun watching the red carpet - winner there was Felicity Jones in that marellous vintage Dior creation, and Dame Kristin Scott Thomas working a 1948 Balmain black dress. Thank goodness Rosamund Pike learned from her abominable number at the Golden Globes and also wore black, a subtle Roland Mouret number. Classy. Now lets have a laugh at the Grammy outfits, as Rihanna and Madonna and more look totally idiotic. 

And here again is that terrific 2001 V. F. cover - what a line-up, in another Leibovitz classic: Loren, Deneuve, Streep, Redgrave, Cate and Kate: Blanchett & Winslet, plus Nicole, Gwynneth, Penelope and Chloe .... but were they all there at the same time .. (click photo to enlarge).
The Grammys were actually a lot of fun - with Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran (with Herbie Hancock on piano) consolidating their successes, Irish Hozier was terrific and with Annie Lennox (still promoting her standards album!), Madonna nailed it too - no doubt we will get used to her new songs ... McCartney persists in dyeing his hair and appeared with Rihanna - fully dressed - and Kanye who as usual caused a drama. Beck seemed an odd choice as best album, I have not heard him in years, and as for Beyonce singing "Take My Hand Precious Lord" in what appears a transparent dress ..... Pharrell did "Happy" again, Prince looked older and said "albums still matter" as he introduced album of the year;  Sam and Mary J. owned the stage with his hit "Stay With Me". I might put his album on now ...

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