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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Debbie & Dolly do Glastonbury; Grace & Sade from the archives ...

Among this year's acts wowing the Glastonbury Festival were those two 68 year old blondes - Debbie Harry with Blondie; and Dolly Parton who was a sensation here, ending up on all the front pages of even the quality papers, as her set - probably her usual act with all that patter in between numbers, got everybody going. Debbie on the other hand barely said a word to the crowd between numbers, but they were all there, even "Rapture" and "Atomic" - odd though knowing the videos for those numbers, and the now rather portly figure in the low-key black with that odd white harness .... 
I suppose once a punk ....

Dolly on the other hand radiated that old-fashioned country glamour and seemed slimmer than ever, and had some new songs too. Both gals are releasing new material this year.   
We are of course used to old rock stars still going (was anything more bizarre than Paul McCartney now in his Seventies and with that dyed hair still singing "I Saw Her Standing There" (about that girl of 17) at that recent Beatles in America tribute, or Jagger still trying to get some "Satisfaction" - at least the gals can give them a run for their money).
Top 5 Lists continued: The Top 5 Dolly songs as listed are: "Just Because I'm A Woman", "Down From Dover", "I Will Always Love You", "Light of a Clear Blue Morning" and "To Daddy".

Back to the archives: a new BBC series "Sounds of the Eighties" offers eight half hour specials of music clips from vintage '80s BBC shows.

It was bliss to see again that bizarre version of "Slave To The Rhythm" which Grace Jones did on the Terry Wogan show in 1985 - Grace is covered up for most of the number, I remember this from its first transmission, 
and we always like a Sade number - "Diamond Life" indeed ! 

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