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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Deliciously scary: Arachnophobia

ARACHNOPHOBIA. The ideal American small town is terrorised by - spiders?! How deliciously 1990. I don’t like spiders, but I love ARACHNOPHOBIA, the best horror comic on celluloid - certainly as good as GREMLINS

This is a delicious treat as one shivers at the sight of all those deadly spiders invading Jeff Daniels’ house, and that climax in his cellar as he and the daddy spider slug it out. 
The killer spider arrived in town in a coffin from Venezuela and soon mates with a local specimen to create a new strain of killer foot-soldiers spreading out around town. It is one of Daniels’ best roles. Amusing moments too as the other victims meet their ends with deadly spiders in the popcorn, in a slipper, and on the sports field as well as in the shower and toilet, as Jeff realises the killer spiders are nesting in his barn. John Goodman is ace too as the exterminator, while Julian Sands was very silly as the know-all spider expert going exploring on his own … Small town America is nicely depicted too as Frank Marshall directs, with Steven Spielberg as an Executive Producer. This is one funny horror film one can return to happily. Jeff may have destroyed the spider nest, but there were still spiders in other houses ... 
This autumn weather is perfect for spiders. I caught a big one last week which was just there on the carpet, it was put out, as was one the next morning when I woke up and there it was on the bedroom ceiling! It must have come in the ajar window ... Just shake your slippers before you put them on, just in case ...

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