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Monday, 22 April 2013

How they change - me actually ...

If it does not seem too narcissistic to posts photos of oneself (well, they do on Facebook all the time) ...

1950s - left - that idyllic childhood in Ireland.

1960s - right - London  boy

we did the hippie look, the long hair, the beads, beards in the '70s, moustaches in the '80s, letting it go gray in the 90s, cropping it back in the 2000s ... 
click images to enlarge.

A room in Chelsea: Draycott Place, SW3, 1972 - above
Milan, 1974 - above

Greece, 1978 - right
left: East (or West?) Wittering, Sussex, 1974.

 A farmhouse holiday in Wales, 1975 - above



 Paris, 1995 - above



  Back to Clapham Common, 1967, .... below, right
  with it all ahead of him.


  1. "What a looker you were".

  2. You were gorgeous! I know you keep telling me how gorgeous you were but you really were. It's easy to see the you that you are now in that face! Of course, you are still gorgeous but now you have inner beauty whereas I am just an aul hag, boo hoo! :(

  3. Did I post that in 2015?? I must have been on drugs or something saying anything nice about the aul Kerry Queen. Actually you were a looker indeed though I wouldn't worry too much about the painting in the attic, dahling :)

  4. The ego has definitely landed!! You were good-looking (did I say were, Joan? oops) except for the moustache. We all had one, though God knows why. I saved some of these to my files for future reference X It's the aul Derry one by the way but it won;t let me post.