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Sunday, 23 December 2012

That dance, that song, that show
Britain's dance contest STRICTLY COME DANCING has finished for another year, with a terrific win by Louis Smith and professional dancer Flavia Cacace.  He is the Olympic silver medal winner but did not look particuarly happy or bothered dancing, but finally got into it as the competition progressed.  Flavia is a goddess and a terrific professional dancer, her argentine tango is amazing, as she is currently showing in MIDNIGHT TANGO on show in London, as per previous posts, here (Dance label). All their dances are great but this one is delightful. After being lumbered with the amusing Russell Grant last year, she finally got a young guy she was able to mold into a great dancer. Kimberley Walsh of Girls Aloud and her partner Pasha were also sensational. YouTube has all the clips. Last year's winner Harry Judd was also terrific.
Its that time when seasonal shows abound, probably all shot in the summer. We recently saw not one but 2 Michael Buble ones: Home for Christmas, and Home For the Holidays. We also got Rod Stewart's christmas show, recorded at a castle in Scotland, Buble was in that one too - and there is a Chris Isaak one one later today, which should be interesting, and yes, Buble turns up there too ...
Thanks to modern technology Buble was able to join Bing in a rendition of THAT song that always gets one a wee bit emotional. Perhaps its because my father liked Bing so much .... but it certainly conjures up that mythical christmas of "sleighbells in the snow" as much as ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE ... Buble and Crosby look a better team though than Bing and Bowie back in 1972 ...
Those seasonal saccharine christmas shows were all of a muchness with Michael Buble making almost as many appearances as actress Sheridan Smith who was everywhere - in PANTO, in MR STINK, on the Jonathan Ross Show, she is even in the new QUARTET with Dame Maggie ..... nobody though could top Sir Stephen of Fry, whom the papers gleefully pointed out would be on television 181 times between Christmas and new year - in endless re-runs of his quiz shows, and various other programmes and movies he had been in. Thankfully I avoided them all apart from the trailer for a new crime thriller he somehow fitted in.
Best of the music shows for me was Chris Isaak's, maybe from 2008? - he still looks (and sounds) terrific - particularly in that green flashy suit. Michael Buble and Stevie Nicks helped out and "Rudolph The Red Nose Raindeer" never sounded better!

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