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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Those '60s magazines and that '60s look ...

I had this issue of Town magazine back in 1962 when I was 16 and living in Ireland - it seemed the most glamorous magazine ever, as Monica Vitti and L'ECLISSE was the hip new talking points. I also got the Marilyn Monroe cover issue [it was a few months after her death], and then those "Films and Filming" magazines (as per label). Suddenly there were a whole new raft of new magazines for the swinging new decade, as the tired old magazines of the '50s [like "Picture Show"] were phased out. My mother used to get magazines like "Illustrated" - but now, also in 1962, we had the first colour supplement in the "Sunday Times" newspaper. Their colour magazines were innovative and I looked forward to them each week - photospreads on Egypt and other foreign locations, the new stars and the new movies. It was a very exciting time. Soon all the papers had weekend colour supplements too - it was a big source of advertising revenue.

How we looked in the '60s

Looking at this new coffee table book on BLOW-UP (as per earlier post, below) it got me thinking about how we looked in the '60s and into the '70s. I loved my white jeans, so '60s - blue bell-bottom jeans was the '70s look. Back in that pre-internet age before digital cameras, ipods and ipads, cellphones, dvds and even video, one thing we did was photograph each other a lot, even though we had to pay for pictures to be developed sight unseen - no deleting of unsuitable ones then! Here's just a selection from my back pages - I was certainly working that Beatle/Rolling Stones look, but then we all did then! along with the bells, beads, caftans, hipster jeans. The '70s and '80s were a different story though as the disco age and the clubbing era took over ...

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  1. Great post! I still wear white jeans,no matter if nobody else does anymore:( I am very fond of oldies music classics, old shows( from when t.v. was t.v).vintage clothing and hairstyles from back in the day,etc. After all,it's what I
    grew up with and hold ever so dear along with all the fun childhood and youth memories. Peace and be well!