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Sunday, 1 May 2011

A perfect day

Just one image - that terrific Aston Martin car - from a very happy event. I think only the British can carry off events like this - a royal wedding, curiously intimate too, with matchless theatre, royalty, the Abbey looking splendid with those trees, the poise and composure of the leading players, a fashion parade of outfits and hats [winners: Tara, SamCam] - and some frock horrors too! In all, splendid stuff - nice too how it was safe for the most famous couple in the world to travel in public in open carriages .... the public enjoyed it too and with several days off and good weather it made for a perfect holiday weekend. The verger turning cartwheels in the Abbey after it was over summed it all up.

A Good News Day then, after the long recession and now more wars overseas! - fascinating too for those interested in the passing parade. No wonder Victoria Beckham couldn't smile - it must have been agony for a pregmant woman wearing THOSE heels! And the princesses: but why where they there at all - their father had to be as the groom's uncle, but were they so eager to be there that it did not matter that their mother had not been invited? And as for the no invites for the last two Labour Prime Ministers - it may have been discourteous but it shows no-one wants to be associated with Blair and Brown now. Payback time then for Cherie who famously would not curtesy to the royals, she must have been livid not be included in the social event of the season, if not of the century so far. Several of Diana's best friends not included too - I am with Jemima on that one!

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