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Monday, 24 May 2010

Glamour through the decades ...

Gary Cooper and Marlene in DESIRE / Cary Grant and Randolph Scott - just one of the many photos of them in the '30s / Katharine Hepburn / Monica Vitti in L'ECLISSE / those '50s guys: James Dean, Dirk Bogarde (from his album cover, yes he "sang" too! / Alain Delon in PLEIN SOLEIL. 50s glamour: those LES GIRLS (Mitzi, Kay Kendall and Taina Elg), Bacall as the height of 50s chic in Minnelli's DESIGNING WOMAN, those THE OPPOSITE SEX gals; Suzy Parker and THE BEST OF EVERYTHING, Clifton Webb and Arlene Dahl in WOMANS WORLD ('54 - pity I could not get a shot of her in that green sheath dress she is poured into with the divine fur trimmed bolero which she wears at the end) and Marilyn in that red swimming suit - my first introduction to her, in HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE. Of course any of her ritzy outfits in NIAGARA would be terrific too...and then there is Kay Kendall, Cyd Charisse and later Capucine ... all terrific clothes-horses.

1963 Glamour: Cortina D'Ampezzo in THE PINK PANTHER where the beautiful people ski: there is Princess Dalah (Claudia Cardinale), society hostess Brenda De Banzie, Inspector Clouseu (Sellers) and his wife Capucine, jewel thief David Niven and his nephew Robert Wagner, as Fran Jeffries sings that Henry Mancini number "Meglio Stasera" .... all together now ... its on YouTube.

'60s glamour has to of course include a shot from BLOW-UP and Audrey's '60s look in TWO FOR THE ROAD. Then we have Franco Nero (here in QUERELLE), and Jean Sorel in one of those Carroll Baker farragos, but really in the '60s one could include everyone from Anouk Aimee to Vitti all looking terrific, particularly Aimee in JUSTINE and THE MODEL SHOP or Vitti as MODESTY BLAISE, but I have included those further back in my Anouk and Monica tributes. '70s glamour starts and ends with Richard Gere and that apartment in AMERICAN GIGOLO. I am doing whole separate posts on those two '50s glamour girls: Anita Ekberg and England's glamour girl the ill-fated Belinda Lee.
Below: Arlene Dahl in that outfit in WOMAN'S WORLD!

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